Getting in Touch

My left brain ruled the roost for the first 50+ years of my life. I still enjoy science, research, math, etc. 

But it's been very liberating to give myself permission to experiment and let the results just "happen." I love textures, colors, and art of all styles and am learning to live in that world myself!

21 Hats

Right Brain

Nursing -
37+ years as a registered nurse
Doctorate in Nursing Practice

ANCC certification in Nursing Professional Development 

Certified Nurse Educator

Currently teaching nursing in Asheville, NC
Expertise: professional development, pediatrics, behavioral health, EBP & research

Consulting & Tutoring -
Nursing Professional Development
Improving education technologies
Teaching 5 generations!
Need tutoring? 
​Evidence-based practice, APA format, statistics

Left Brain

Heart Trails

My art reflects balance ...

Nature -- Wire

Recycling -- New Ideas

Bending -- Straightening

Shiny -- Matte

Sharp -- Soft

Through art I've found the balance between my scientific right brain and my creative left brain.

Julie Ann Bell


Only a few years ago, I was trying to figure out ways to express myself artistically. Nothing seemed to be the right "fit" until I started working with wire in some mixed-media pieces and then saw some beautiful wire sculptures in a small gallery in Texas.

I came home from that trip and started creating trees. Over times, I've grown more comfortable with the process. So, now, I'm blending my spirit with the wire, rocks, and wood to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

This is one part of who I am.

I am blessed to be the mom of a daughter and son who are interesting and talented young adults and partner of artist and hiking buddy, Michael Allen Campbell. Outside of the studio, I'm a nurse faculty member teaching future nurses - my LEFT brain. In the studio, I connect with inner creativity - my RIGHT brain.